Houston Analytics and five other Finnish companies unfold the whole potential of the British Industrial Internet

This autumn, a group of Finnish Industrial Internet companies lands in the UK to convince local enterprises with their pioneering expertise.

Already two decades have gone by since first Finnish companies started to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) in their daily operations. Nowadays, their excellent solutions for the Industrial Internet combine data acquisition and analytics with the latest visualization technologies and services, portraying incisively the Finnish deep-rooted expertise on digital solutions as well as Finland’s long lasting industrial tradition.

The Trade Mission of Finnish companies operating in the Industrial Internet and Big Data domains will take place in London between Monday 30th October and Wednesday 1st November. The event is organised with full support from the Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro and the Embassy of Finland in London.

- “When you look at these companies, their expertise is obviously not only about technical efficiency,” says Reijo Smolander, Program Director at Finpro. “Rather, they go beyond the traditional meaning of the Industrial Internet, knowing how to deliver value creation, facilitate innovation as well as new services and business models.”

During the visit, participants will have an opportunity to attend business meetings which Finpro will organize with its local trade center. Individual meetings scheduled with British counterparts across the country will be combined with a high profile networking event in the heart of the City of London.

- “We are masters of predictive analytics, data-driven management and AI,” says Colin Shearer, Chief Strategy Officer at Houston Analytics. “We are particularly interested in the UK because of its market size and the degree to which local companies are receptive to innovative technologies that help them do their business better.”

Data is at the heart of everything Houston Analytics does. In the UK, it is seeing most interest in its solution for intelligent marketing automation and its offerings around the IoT, including predictive maintenance and process optimisation. The company’s products and services, though, span a wide range of industries and business areas.

- “Ultimately, the combination of data and AI enables a more holistic approach to the everyday decision-making within companies,” Shearer comments. ”Smarter decisions drive better outcomes, and this technology provides a rapid return on investment.”

Other companies involved in the project: Emergence, Gofore, Haltian, Neste Jacobs, Process Geniu

More information, please contact

Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Team Finland Industrial Internet, Finpro p. +358 40 5529 681

Antti Syväniemi, CEO, Houston Analytics p. +358 50 3875 971