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Introducing The European Elite

The European IT channel is a vast and endlessly diverse sector, covering everything from multinational outsourcing giants to local retailers serving a small, but loyal community. But just who are the firms that truly define this huge and vibrant market?

Channelnomics Europe is seeking to answer that question with The European Elite – a major new report identifying and profiling the 200 most significant channel players across the continent.

Download the report to find out which 199 other Elite companies made the grade – as well another 125 Ones to Watch, and 500 Best of the Rest. In addition to profiles of each company, we also have exclusive insight and analysis for various regions and markets, and numerous one-on-one interviews with leading industry figures.

This 60-page study – which is available to download completely free of charge – contains information on a wide range of channel firms, including massive global services providers, in addition to specialised start-ups leading the charge into new and emerging technologies, as well as national or regional players who are mainstays of a small, but thriving ecosystem.

Our 825 channel players are drawn from the length and breadth of Europe. The one thing that unites you and the rest of the Elite is our belief that you are the companies that are currently defining and shaping the European IT channel, and will continue to do so in the years and decades to come.