Houston Analytics was selected for an EU-funded CyberFactory#1 project

The aim of the EU CyberFactory#1 project is to support the development of new technologies. The projectaims at designing, developing, integrating and demonstrating a set of key enabling capabilities to foster optimisation and resilience of the Factories of the Future (FoF). It will address the needs of pilots from Transportation, Automotive, Electronics and Machine manufacturing industries.Specific challenges arising from the whole development and manufacturing chain.

“For us, the fact that we got into the CyberFactor project supports our strategy in the best possible way. Digitalization including AI is one of the main trends shaping the world economy. And we want to be at the forefront of building and utilizing this trend,” emphasizes Antti Syväniemi, CEO of Houston Analytics.

“New kind of value is seen especially with creation of new service and product concepts. High on our agenda we have the researching how to seize the potential of SaaS products also in the industrial area. The aim is to support Finnish industries to stay ahead of the development. Another aspect is that we find it extremely important to network and cooperate both in Finland as well as at EU level. Only then can we stay at the forefront of digital development,” continues Syväniemi.

The founding of the CyberFactory#1 project is coordinated locally, in Finland the support decision was made by Business Finland. This decision shows once again that Houston Analytics is one of the leaders in this field.