Something very complicated made very simple!

As a consumer and citizen I often relate to how companies and authorities manage their outbound communication. Ever so often I receive communication that is far from intelligent and it becomes evident that the sender has no clue of the whats, the hows or the whens while communicating with me. Why oh why do I keep getting banners for a shelf from a provider several weeks after my actual purchase of that given shelf from that specific provider. Instead of offering me that same thing that I just recently bought they should appreciate the opportunity to sell me something more, to increase my value as a customer and perhaps also make my customer experience ever so much better by making me understand that these guys know how I am and what I am up to.

So, what is the silver bullet? Well let me take a few steps back and start with the foundation. Insights, i.e. knowledge. We need to know a lot of stuff in order to communicate with the customers in a relevant manner. Who is the customer? What history does the customer have with us? What is the customer about to do next? Where does the customer seek inspiration? To mention a few of the things that we must know to set up a clever communication strategy. For me as an analyst it boils down to analysing the data that we have at hands. I want to call it Precision Analytics, yes you read it correctly, Precision. We need tools to be able to be precise and targeted. There are three steps to achieve Precision Analytics.

Descriptive Analytics. Explorative by design, we get to know the data. What dependencies do we have in the data? Are there any obvious root/cause relationships that give us increased insights in the data? This is of course a very important process step and is a prerequisite to go to the next level.

Predictive Analytics. Here we start to create the crystal ball, look into the tea leaves, to understand what is happening next. Which customers are about to attrite? Which customers have a higher propensity to be high value customers? Which products are likely to be sold together? To mention a few typical questions that we have in this process step, but unless we really act on it there will be no value, and the action happens in the consequent step.

Prescriptive Analytics. In order to optimise the findings from the Descriptive and Predictive phases we need to deploy, and yes, the deployment needs to be intelligent. This step offers optimised ROI per communication on individual level applying the intelligence created in the predictive phase with business rules, e.g. communication policies or customer life cycle management.

These three steps are the bricks that create Precision Analytics. But to harvest the great business benefits all of this needs to be put to action in all channels, in-bound and out-bound, paid, owned and earned media and customer service including customer self-service. But, hey kids, do not try this at home. We, the professionals, have gone through the cumbersome and tricky tasks connected to really smart communication. We will provide something very complicated made very simple through our Armstrong One solution which delivers all of the above and more. If anyone working in a marketing or communication role it will be worth the effort to have a conversation with us on how we can help you perform really intelligent communication with a minimal effort, neither in deployment nor investment. Armstrong one is typically implemented within 4 weeks, including designing the communication and tweaking the algorithms to achieve precision analytics. The pricing is subscription based without an upfront investment or long-term commitment and a consumption-based pricing.

So, do not be a stranger, contact myself or any of my peers in Armstrong One to know more – be prepared to be awed.

Armstrong One – a giant leap for marketeers!