The AI Revolution: why an "industrial" approach is needed to apply AI successfully in the IoT era

Colin Shearer, Chief Strategy Officer, Houston Analytics is the keynote speaker at the Nordic IOT seminar. In his presentation Colin Shearer speaks, among other things, about AI and the challeges it brings to the organisation.   

  • ​The potential value of applying AI / Machine Learning to IoT is obvious, yet many organisations are disappointed and disillusioned in their initial attempts to apply this technology. What are the pitfalls that cause this?
  • A key challenge is that most “data science” today is hand-crafted “artisan” work – it doesn’t scale, and is typically a technical exercise distanced from the business

  • AI needs to go through the transformation manufacturing did in the “Industrial Revolution”: automation to scale the analytical process, and integration with business and operations

Time: Tuesday 9 April, 13.20 pm

Colin Shearer